When you plan for the holidays, birthdays or gathering of family and friends, keep Villa Portofino in mind to be of assistance. Our Chef can prepare wonderful hors d'oeuvres and entrees to help you out. We understand how stressful planning a party can be. So whether it is at your house or at the clubhouse, we can make that stress more manageable for you so you can concentrate on other things like your guest list. Ever think about cooking that big prime rib but don’t feel comfortable in doing so, our Chef can help. Let us take out the worry from you and do the work for you. What a great idea, having a private pool party with family and friends, or a wonderful dinner in the main dining room. No job too great or too small. What a convenience this offer is for your planning needs. Anything else? Just ask, I’m sure we can be of assistance to you. Quantities do apply when ordering. No worries, we can help!

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For further information please call the Concierge at (760) 404-1888